Software Sustainability Alliance

Building international cooperation between software sustainability initiatives.

What is software sustainability?

Software sustainability is the the capacity of the software to endure. In other words, sustainability means that the software will continue to be available in the future, on new platforms, meeting new needs.
This means it's easy to evolve and maintain, fulfils its intent over time, survives uncertainty, and addresses relevant concerns (Political, Economic, Social, Technical, Legal, Environmental).

What is a software sustainability initiative?

A software sustainability initiative is an organisation or team undertaking activities to improve software sustainability in the wider community (that is, outside of their local project or group).
Those activities might include consultancy and development, training, workshops and events, dissemination and outreach, or advocacy.
We are focussed on research software: specialist software which is used in research.

About the Software Sustainability Alliance

The Software Sustainability Alliance is an effort started by existing software sustainability initiatives worldwide to work together and support each other. It is a working group of WSSSPE.

Our Mission

Our mission is to act as the bridge between organisations from around the world, in order to share expertise, resources, and good practices around sustainability of software used in research.

Our Vision

Our vision is of an international alliance of organisations engaging successfully in coordinated and collaborative mutually reinforcing activities around sustainability of software used in research.

Get involved

We are at the early stages of defining the aims, scope and governance of the Software Sustainability Alliance. If you are someone working in the research software community:

  • let us know of any software sustainability initiatives you think would be interested in the Software Sustainability Alliance
If you are from an existing software sustainability initiative:
  • please comment on the aims and scope
  • let us know if you are interested in joining the scoping effort
  • let us know if your organisation is interested in joining the Software Sustainability Alliance

Current scoping group members

  • Radovan Bast,
  • Neil Chue Hong, Software Sustainability Institute
  • Peter Elmer, Princeton University
  • Lorraine Hwang,
  • Karthik Ram, rOpenSci / BIDS
  • Jean Salac, University of Virginia